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Writer's Block: Beep, Bop, Boop

What was the first video or computer game you ever played? Did you love it or hate it, and why?

green eggs and ham for my pc! it was an awesome game and i wish i still had it. i think my actual first video game was sonic though but it was my brothers game and green eggs and ham was my own game that they bought for me when we first got a computer.
i know its random but i really liked this question cuz i was just thinking about this game.

i told myself that i would finally work on my fics over break but i was so frustrated with my writing class that i didnt want to look at a word document until the very last minute to do my essay. side note: i got a fanfic idea in church last night and i had to stop myself before it got too graphic. i dont know whats worse, planning erotic fanfiction or singing a denis leary song in my head in church.

My Roommate Just Got Even More Retarded

For a very long time i stopped using the word retard because its wrong but that was before i met my roommate. You guys already know that i really don't like my roommate and mainly but because she is dumb. she has no common sense whatsoever and barely any booksmarts either. today took the cake:

*watching the superbowl*
jenny: where's green bay?
me: on the west coast, i think california (i was later corrected that it is in wisconsin and not oregon like my second guess was)
jenny: pittsburg is in pennsylvania right?
me: yeah it's a major city.
jenny: i'm just making sure it's not in boston or massachusetts (you see where this is going)
me: wow really? do you know where any major cities are? do you know where las vegas is?
jenny: in california?
me: no...it's not
jenny: well it's on the west coast of something.
me: no it's not on the west coast.
jenny: well it's on the other side of the country
me: i'ts in nevada...do you know where washington d.c. is?
jenny: well it's nearby...
me: not really *in mental pain*
jenny: well it's not a far drive...it's up north right like way up north...
me:...*mental crying*
jenny: it's in upstate new york.
me: no! it's between maryland and virginia! i can't do this!

*after returning from the hallway where i was banging my head against the wall*
me: jenny, you are the reason why other people think americans are retarded about geography!
jenny: what people?
me: the rest of the world! you don't even know where our nation's capital is!
jenny: our nation has a capital?
me: i can't do this...
jenny: i know the capital of new york is albany
me: *in my head* i'm surprised u didn't say u thought it was manhattan
me: i can;t do this...i'm leaving...

and so i left trying to call joe to vent out my frstration and then i ended up just telling my other suitemates who tried to comfort me saying i could have had it worse.

how is it possible that i get paired with someone so dumb it's beyond me how she even got into a college. she didnt bother passing her AP exams cuz she had other things to focus on. really? your senior year of highschool and u only have APs what else are u focusing on? oh right your intership...i though u had be be decently smart for those. and she apparently was failing her other years of high school too. she needs good grades for being in a sorority and she things he gpa is magically going to boast b/c she heard the some girl had her best gpa while rushing with an 3.8. my roommate probably has a 2.0 so honestly what chance does she really thing she has of making the cut. i know it shouldn't bother me as much as it does but if she going to bother me about my eating habits (which are way more normal than hers) then i have every right to complain to her about her stupidity.

watching glee and the first scene are the cheerleaders doing california girls and jenny asked if that was the glee club because there are guys even though they were wearing cheerleader uniforms and is a regular watcher of glee. she did not know that guys could be cheerleaders.

Hello World~

I haven't posted in awhile since i felt like i had nothing exciting to post but i've had a few revelations:

1. i've grown out of my more emo depressing taste in music for some more upbeat music but its still alternative rock except that it doesnt really make me sad but gives me energy. i still go like some of the angry stuff just cuz its a good thing to sing along when i want to vent and is upbeat in a weird way.

2. crocheting it much more strenuous than i that esp since i dont hold needle correctly (the correct way feels weird to me). me crocheting is like when i play the guitar i do it awkwardly but it comes out decent even though it ruins my nails and puts strain on my knuckles. i have brand new respect for kims crocheting abilities even though ive always been amazed by them. i actually enjoy it, its a good time waster.

3. i need to control my imagination. the reason why i cant write things half the time is cuz i keep coming up with more ideas in a story which it just makes it so complicated that things start to contradict. i have this story(not fan fiction) that ive been wanted to write but i keep either procrastinating or by trying to figure out the explanation for everything it just gets too complicated. i need to keep things simple.

-side note: i think im going to work on some david and jonathan short stories but i may keep them in screenplay format since for lazy people like me its easier to write and its supposed to be a movie anyways to i guess it keeps it to the feel of the original screenplay that had more scenes about their life.

4. as much as i love reading crack i kinda just hate when people go too far i mean "belly button rape", wtf? i know that the things i right are slightly druggie but it does go so far. i did enjoy a fic about denmark and prussia being ghost busters but then it just way too out of control.

5. i'm getting tired of the kink meme. im not finding good fills cuz they are either fluff, rape or bad. it just seems like a request page of anything unlike the older parts where people asked for actual kinks.

6. i love the hetalia dub more than original anime. reason being that the original was bad so these dubs are just toooooooooo funny! i really do like the america dub its just perfect for him. hetalia anime is just so perfect to have other audios go with it.

7. i wanna go back to school already! as much as i hate going to class, im tire of sitting at home not being productive esp since everyone else has started school. id rather be at my dorm doing nothing cuz id be away from my family and i can always get julia to come and go nothing with me. the downside is my roommate but hopefully well be able to figure something out.

8. most of the problems in my relationship are caused by me. i start all of the stupid fights cuz of my stupidity and stubbornness. i need to stop making it seem like things are joes fault when its outside of his control or if its just all my fault and i should know better than to say certain things to him, but im dumb.

my goals for 2011: write more fan fics as a way to improve story writing, work on original story, work on david on jonathan, make something that resembles a corset, improve nerf gun customizing skills, practice guitar (4 cords!), draw and color more, learn how to decorate cakes, be a better girlfriend, keep up my grades, and hopefully not kill my roommate.


i had the best anniversary ever!!

we actually got to go out on a real date. since i cant really go out alone with my bf, i told my mom we went with our friend. we spent 10.5 hours together.

it was wonderful! he took me to the central park zoo b.c ive never been there before. we got to see them feed the sea lions. they were sooo cuute!! there were calling for their trainers b.c they were hungry. they did all these tricks and stuff. we wanted to see the penguin feeding but we would have to wait for 3 hours. the penguins and puffins were so adorable. they were swimming and cleaning themselves. joe goes to me and was like "i think this one farted" and we saw white stuff floating. they way he sed it was funny. a lot of the animals were like sleeping and just chilling b.c it was so hot.

then we hung on on this rock at the park and exchanged presents. i made his a watch with the date of our anniversary for the time. he made me with uber sweet card set up like a newspaper. it was all about how much he loved me and how he will always love me. there was an article, a poem and a word jumble (he already solved it). he gave me dark chocolate m&ms before we went to the park. when he gave me his gift he gave me cookies & cream bar. i discovered oreo fudge rings in his bag that hes going to give to me tm.

then we went to 'wichcraft for lunch and we had grilled chicken sandwiches. they gave us free cookies =) we walked to union square and sat on a bench for awhile to digest. then we went to max brenners which was OMG delicious orgasm in my mouth. we had chocolate fondue. it was milk chocolate, dark chocolate and caramel with strawberries, bananas, marshmellows, brownies and sponge cake for dipping. the fire for our marshmellows was lit and it took a good 2 minnutes for figure out that was the reasoon why they werent roasting. so we asked out waitress to light it for us and then by the time we were ready to pay for the check, they fire got huge that our marshmellow keot lighting on fire. the cups were so cool, they sed "drink me' and had metal straws in a hole. they people there are smart b.c they have milk on the drink menu.

afterwards we went back to his house for some "bonding" time ;)

anniversaries are great. im so happy to celebrate this anniversary with him since we may not be able to next year if hes in ohio. i love joe so much, even after 4 years. hes just so amazing not only b.c he does everything for me but also hes so sweet and listens to me and has saved me from having serious nervous breakdowns. hes just so freakin adorable esp today. he had a button down shirt and now the ones he usually wear which are short sleaved that we wears opened. he wore the shirt from his suit and it was very nice on him. anyways...i had such an amazing day with the man i love more than anything

I Need You To Vote for ME!

Im competing in a contest called Film Your Issue. I made a video about my kissena park research and proposal. There are two contests, the Youtube and the legit. The legit is the ones that get voted on by the jury and have the awesome prizes of getting an award, free ticket to the sundance film festival, ipod and macbook and the best of all a meeting with obama advisors! The other contest is the Youtube favorite contest where the winner is voted on. I really need votes for if you guys can get the word out for people to vote for me that'll be great.

You can vote at this link:
You have to click on the vote tab and then find my video. Its on the first page: Kissena Park Recycling Proposal.

Weddings and Meme

last night i was my brother's friend's wedding. they have been best friends since kindergarden and they are now 29 years old. im not very into going to weddings b/c the bore me except for my sister's wedding. the reason why i enjoyed zoe's wedding is b/c my friends were there...good reason right.

well even though kim and julia have planned out my wedding, i go have some suggestions/changes i want to make after having gone to so many wedding in the past few years and still have more to go to.

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[fanfic] Don't Eat the Brownies

Title: Don't Eat the Brownies
Author: me
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Prussia goes over Belgium's house and finds...brownies! Prussia soon learns that these are not regular brownies.
Notes: Accidental drug taking

This is a little drabble posted for Belgium's birthday. Now that i realize it, tomorrow is April 20 - Weed Day. Aren't coincidences great?

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[Fanfic] German Tutoring

This my fill for crackship_aph
so much fun to write =)

Title: German Tutoring
Author: me
Characters: GermaniaxBelgium
Rating: PG-13
Summary: AU fic. Wolfgang is a college student tutoring Belle, a sophomore failing German. Wolfgang just wants to teach her but Belle has some other plans.
Notes: look over there porn! haha i tricked u! (theres only a little stripping) i apologize if the german is incorrect. blame google translator.

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10 reasons for not doing my paper

i should be doing my humanities paper but here are the reasons i currently am not.

1. no motivation - i was all set to begin but then i was called down for lunch and poof! motivation gone!
2. i already wrote my journal - i had no motivation to do that, but when i did it magically became more than 1.5 pgs...that more than enough writing for 1 day
3. citations - i hate looking for quotes
4. reading - i have to pretty much re-read most of the book and essay
5. 4 pages - i cannot for the life of me write 4 pages.1000 words yes, 4 pages no
6. internet - i decided to catch up on watching bleach and am resisting urges to watch fma or glee
7. hunger - ive been hungry all day...fasting has finally caught up
8. shippee - no matter what i write, my paper will suck
9. other hw - i should really get started on that
lastly and more importantly...
10. senioritis - its april...why the fuck am an i writing a paper?

last night i was trying to write i journal and i was 3 sentences into it when i decided to work on a fanfic for Rose. i know the only people possibly  reading this are her and kim but yeah. maybe someone will become my friend and read this! anyways...i tend to start journals and then decide to write fanfiction instead like with the valentines one and the hash brownies.

im bringing togas back~

I made a hetalia papercraft!! it was originally going to be greece dressed like a spartan but him is a toga is just as cute~

of course greece is nakes under his toga...would you really expect otherwise.
(...my mom has his shoes)

here's the pattern =)

enjoy~ (you may need to resize it depending on how whatever program you want to print it with feels)